Prenatal Supplements

Throughout my pregnancy, I haven't been taking a traditional pre-natal supplement. Rather, I've been taking a variety of Standard Process and other high quality supplements that give my baby and my body exactly what they need during this time. Standard Process supplements are made from whole foods. When we get our nutrients from whole foods, our bodies are more readily able to use and assimilate these nutrients. By using Nutrition Response Testing, I am able to determine exactly which nutrients and how much my body needs. Taking a generic prenatal supplement takes a "one size fits all" approach, which doesn't fit in with my health philosophy that everyone is different and should be treated individually. 

Below is the list of the supplements I am currently taking: 

Folic Acid B12 - Folic Acid is essential to take before and during pregnancy. It helps prevent neural tube defects and certain types of heart defects. For the mother, it can reduce risk of preeclampsia. Folic acid encourages healthy cell production, healthy nervous system development, promotes good circulation and is essential in the process of DNA formation and replication.

Ferrofood - Ferrofood is a Standard Process supplement that provides iron. Iron is important to take during pregnancy because it helps synthesize hemoglobin for both you and your baby. It also helps the transport of oxygen to your red blood cells. Ferrofood also contains vitamin C, which helps with iron absorption.

Calcium - Calcium requirements increase by about 200-400 grams for pregnant women. Standard Process has two great calcium supplements. Calcifood helps build strong, healthy bones. Calcium lactate, in addition to bone health, has a number of other functions, such as: development of muscles and nerves, maintenance and function of cell membranes, functioning of enzymes and support of blood coagulation.

Cod Liver Oil - Cod liver oil supplies omega 3 fats in the forms of DHA and EPA. Essential fatty acids are necessary for the development of the baby's brain, nervous system, heart and eye development. Cod liver oil also contains vitamin A, which is good for eye development, immune function and reproductive health, and vitamin D, which is necessary for proper bone formation, proliferation and differentiation of cells and neuromuscular function. 

DHA - I have also been taking Nordic Naturals ProDHA for additional essential fats. DHA has also been shown to enhance mood (and we all know how pregnant women can be a little moody:). I also plan to take DHA while breastfeeding to ensure that my baby is consuming enough omega 3's. 

Catalyn - Catalyn is the multivitamin produced by Standard Process. I personally have not been taking Catalyn, but there are many women who test for it or may choose to take it during pregnancy. 

This goes without saying, but in addition to taking supplements, I've been trying to make sure my diet is as clean as possible. During my first trimester, this was easier said than done because all I could stomach was carbs. Now that I am feeling great, and can eat protein, salads and smoothies again, I'm trying to make up for lost time!