Pregnancy Update - Third Trimester


I can't believe I'm already at 40 weeks! Time has flown. Still feeling good but I'm beyond ready for this babe to come out :)



For the majority of my third trimester, I still felt great. It took until about 38 weeks to get super uncomfortable. I started to experience some middle and lower back pain around this time. It was bound to happen, especially since all of my weight gain has been in the front of my middle. I consider myself very lucky that I felt so great for this long!

Weight gain slowed down immensely. I really didn’t gain any weight during my third trimester. I majorly shifted from being chubby to pregnant. As I am writing this at almost 40 weeks, I clock in at about a 30 pound total weight gain, which was the case at about 30 weeks as well. Almost all of my weight is in my belly and boobs. You can hardly tell I’m pregnant from behind.



I’ve been eating pretty normally for the most part. At around 36 weeks, I went through a phase during which certain vegetables were not tasting good again. Both salads and smoothies would make me feel nauseous. Only hot food sounded good to me. You can read more about my diet during pregnancy in my second trimester update post.

In the past few days I’ve gotten HUNGRY. I’m hoping this is some kind of sign that the end is near :). I had heard that towards the end of pregnancy, women can’t eat as much at a time because there isn’t as much room left.  This is not exactly the cause with me - I can fit in as much as ever!

I haven’t mentioned this yet, but I’ve also been ridiculously thirsty. I’ve been drinking more water than ever. I’ve also been drinking a lot of Red Raspberry Leaf tea. It isn’t great hot, but very palatable when put over ice. You can even add a little honey as well. This can help both tone the uterus and get labor going.



I continued to do about 3 Barre3 workouts per week and 1 or 2 yoga classes. As the weather got warmer, I started to incorporate more walks. At this point at 40 weeks, I haven’t been doing Barre but I have been going on a walk almost everyday. I will occasionally do yoga as well.

I have to say that staying active was integral to my feeling good during this pregnancy. I am now 40 weeks and still feel relatively great. I am very mobile and have little issues physically. Most people think I’m only about 7-8 months along.



For the majority of my third trimester I have been in an overall great mood. At around 39 weeks, things started to go south. I started feeling like I needed to get so much done! At this point I stopped working, but I was probably doing even more because I had the free time. I would spend the entire day cleaning, preparing for the birth, setting up the nursery, cooking, shopping, walking. It was all just too much. And on top of that, we are going through a bit of a heat wave on Long Island right now. By about 8-9 pm, I had a full on meltdown every night. I just couldn’t handle it. Once I recognized that my need to be productive was causing more harm than good, I decided to slow down and the meltdowns have subsided! As I’m nearing my due date, I’m definitely feeling impatient and frustrated. I just can’t wait to be on the other side of this!



My sleep has been quite good. I still wake up to use the bathroom, but I am usually able to fall back to sleep right away. I am so surprised by this because I am usually not a good sleeper at all. I’m pretty much used to sleeping on my side now.


I can't wait to share more once the baby is born! I have also started a Facebook group called Tree of Life Motherhood. I plan to share all things pregnancy, postpartum, childhood here. If you are interested, please ask to join if you aren't a part of the group already!