Women have been giving birth for millions of years, and despite there being many modern birth interventions, studies have shown that women feel that their births were more successful and empowering when forgoing these interventions and opting for a natural birth, just as our ancestors did. Heirloom helps mothers encompass traditional ways of eating and birthing in order to optimize the health of their babies and themselves. 

Our 5 class series will be taught by our own nutrition and childbirth professionals, who felt that they had healthy pregnancy and birth experiences. They believe that this was due to a combination of good nutrition, education about the pregnancy and birth process, and preparation for the postpartum period. While their initial driver was for the health of their babies, they recognized the importance of the health of the mother for, not only the birth, but everything else that can unfold during the postpartum phase. Our mission is to help other women have optimal pregnancy and birth experiences.

Decisions made during the birth process can have long lasting effects, whether it be mental or physical, on both mom and baby. Taking a childbirth education class gives you the knowledge and tools you need to make educated decisions before, during and after giving birth so that mom is happy with her birth experience and so she and baby remain as healthy as possible. My goal is to help everyone find the beauty in birth.

We will go over a wide range of topics using the Birth & Beyond curriculum, including: prenatal nutrition and wellness, stages of labor, labor positions and coping techniques,  variations of pregnancy and labor, birth environment, umbilical cord care, newborn care, breastfeeding, vaccinations, postpartum care, and much more. All of this information is not just to educate mom, but also to teach partners how they can best support the birther. 

I offer both group and private classes, in person or online.

My next group series is being held late spring 2019!