Ready to Rock Motherhood

It's not a secret that pregnancy through early childhood nutrition is a passion of mine. Now that I've gone through pregnancy, natural childbirth, and am in the thick of raising a tiny human, I'm ready to run with it! I feel that I will be writing a lot about these topics in the future so I thought I'd make these posts separate from those about general nutrition and lifestyle. 

Long before I got pregnant, I read Ina May's Guide to Childbirth and became obsessed with birth stories. This book became such an inspiration for me and I truly believe reading the positive, empowering stories helped me gain the confidence and strength I needed for my own birth. I plan to write and share my own birth story in the near future. It was the craziest, most difficult, most empowering and amazing day of my life. I truly feel like a badass and I believe that every woman deserves to feel the same as I do about her birth experience.

Now that Rory is finally here, I am so excited to discuss topics about raising children naturally and holistically. In these posts, I want to include a mix of my own experiences and evidence based research so that I may best benefit whoever is open to receiving the information I lovingly share.

For now, here are links to pregnancy posts that I shared over the past 9 months:

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