What Patients Are Saying

“My transition going off of birth control pills after 10 years of being on it was not easy.  I had irregular periods, face and back acne, and lost an unhealthy amount of weight in just a few months.  With the help of Emily and NRT I was able to first understand what was going on with my hormones and then learn how to solve these problems in my body.  The supplements and lifestyle changes I have made have had incredible results.  First and foremost, I now have a regular menstrual cycle.  I was told by my OGYN that this may not happen in the first 2 years off of the pill- this only took me three months, thanks to the program.  Emily had found that my thyroid was hyperactive, causing weight loss and anxiety.   I am now back to a healthy weight and am sleeping better than ever.   Emily found that my body was deficient in zinc- taking these supplements has cleared my skin up in just two weeks.  I’m so grateful for what NRT could do for me during this time.”  

“I’ve been seeing Emily for Nutrition Response Testing and nutritional supplements for about two years.  It has changed my life.  As I got into middle age, things stopped working, and I found myself going to the doctor several times a year to address a problem, usually with some type of drug I do not understand that makes me feel crappy in one way or another.  For once, I am managing how my body works proactively and, thanks to Emily, I understand everything I am putting into my body to keep it working.  I still get a cold now and then, but I’ve experienced a discernible (make that “complete”) reduction in real health issues, and not polluting my body with endless and mysterious pharmaceuticals provides great peace of mind.  I still see my doctor annually to get a sign-off, but other than that, not at all.  I love this new way of life.”

“I am writing to help anyone that may be considering services from Rooted in Love Family Health Services. I just returned from another appointment with Emily for my son and now myself. She has been so helpful in supporting my son's healing and well being. It is actually an appointment that he looks forward to having! Emily's process has truly been the answer for my son's digestive and diet challenges. Easy and natural is the perfect combination. I recommend her to my clients as well! 5 STARS :) !!”

“For about a year before meeting Emily, it felt like my body was shutting down. This was foreign to me as I had always been an avid swimmer and hiker. After completing my first triathlon, I started to notice significant hair loss and tasks such as carrying grocery bags were exhausting. The exhaustion was alarming especially because my husband and I hoped to start trying to conceive. With such weakness from small tasks, I was fearful about carrying a child and whether I'd have the energy to care for one! In addition, I noticed through tracking that my reproductive cycle was off. I mentioned my concerns to a primary care doctor; endocrinologist; and OB/GYN. All blood work labs came back fine. I was still getting encouraged by all to move forward with trying to conceive, even though I knew something was wrong. I was getting more and more flustered as I was told by well-intending friends, "Worrying will just make it harder." From my view, my "worries" were not baseless, but I couldn't seem to find someone who would acknowledge them! Finally, enter Emily and her Rooted in Love practice*. On day one, she had me do a thorough review of my complete health and write out every single one of my concerns. Nothing was too small, nothing was dismissed. Emily met with me to talk through the entire Nutrition Response Testing process, as well as to get to know my situation. After her evaluation, she went over all of the results with me. Within one meeting, she had discovered the root causes of my symptoms, and what my body needed in order to heal. She even knew I had a scar, without me telling her!

Within the first few days of following her recommended plan, both my husband and I started to witness positive results. Just six weeks later, I can say with full confidence that my body is no longer shutting down - it is alive again. Each of the symptoms listed above are gone. Not only that, but I am happier and feeling better than I was before the obvious symptoms. I am beyond grateful for finding Emily and trusting the Nutrition Response Testing process. I have hope and excitement for the future again, because I know my body is getting what it needs, so that it can handle what is coming. Thank you, Emily!!”

“Three years ago I had an infection on my finger.  My doctor, who is excellent, told me that the only thing he could do is lance the cut and put me on antibiotics for 3 weeks.  The lancing hurt like white heat and the antibiotics, as always, made me feel listless and uncomfortable for the entire period I took them.

Two weeks ago, the same exact condition arose.  I told Emily about it, she gave me a supplement and today I noticed that the infection is completely gone.  No cuts.  No drugs. 

Amazing!  Ever since I began to see Emily, things like this just keep happening.  Her motto should be "No cuts.  No drugs."“

“I came into to see Emily when I was desperate to feel better, longing for answers, and frustrated with the solutions I was getting from the many specialists I was going to. As long as I can remember I have suffered with eczema and later developed seasonal allergies/asthma that were relatively "controlled" with a various cocktail of antihistamines and topical steroids. It wasn't until I had some major life stressors that my eczema became out of control despite my normal medication. My immune system was on overdrive and I was receiving steroid injections and antihistamine injections multiple times a week to take the edge off so that I could sleep. I had to take some time off of work and had to figure out what was causing this extreme reaction. I was convinced this was the start of an autoimmune disease, which only furthered my anxiety and worsened my symptoms. My skin was so bad that I did not want to be around anyone and I distanced myself from friends/family because I was so uncomfortable and suffering physically, emotionally, and mentally. Every specialist I was seeing was recommending a different type of immunosuppressant or immunomodulating drug.  I felt everyone I went to was trying to treat the reaction on my skin and not trying to fix/remedy the cause of why this was happening. I left multiple doctor's appointments in tears. I did not want to start these toxic medications, but was desperate to feel better. I thought to myself there must be a better option and did some research on holistic/dietary approaches. I made an appointment with Emily for NRT and for the first time in a long time I felt I regained some control over my own body and my wellness.

After seeing Emily for almost 2 months for NRT, I feel SO much better. My primary problem of my skin is drastically improved. I am still having some flares once in a while, but nowhere near where I was when I came to see her initially. I am off all steroids and antihistamines and allowing my body to heal itself. The entire experience and office staff at Dr. Furno's have been nothing short of incredible. I am learning so much about myself and my body and am taking the necessary time to feed my body what it needs and recognize and listen to my body when things aren't going as planned. Equally as impressive, I have managed to fix a lot of issues that I didn't even realize I was dealing with. When I had to sit down and fill out the symptoms sheet the first day, I never really realized how many health problems I was having on a pretty regular basis despite being a very health conscious, active 25 year old. I was someone who was having headaches, fatigue, constipation/diarrhea, and excessive gas on a pretty regular basis. These were things that I just always assumed were part of who I was coupled with daily life stresses. I came in to see Emily to treat my skin, but my entire body has changed. I feel better when I wake up, have more energy, and am sleeping better. I went to Emily this week when I started to feel a cold coming on, within two days of seeing her, I felt 100% better.  Emily, NRT, and the team at Dr. Furno's have truly transformed my relationship with my body, my relationship with food, and ultimately my wellness. I fully intend on sticking with my Paleolithic lifestyle and NRT to continue the healing journey and support my body throughout all of life's changes. I have already recommended my sister to see Emily and would recommend NRT to ANYONE who is willing to put in the work to see real change and feel better by allowing our body to treat itself and using food as medicine with the help of the team at Dr. Furno's.”

“Five weeks ago, I stepped into the office not being able to walk well. Both knees were so inflamed I couldn’t sleep well at all - every night. My legs actually hurt when I layed down. Terrible cramping. Stepping out of bed it hurt to put my feet on the wood floors. Today I feel 100% better. No cramping at night. My feet no longer hurt when I step on the floor in the morning. I actually went back to the gym. Supplements and exercise has changed my life. I feel great now.”